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What Happens When Alkalized Water Is Introduced To A Pregnant Mother?

What Happens When Alkalized Water Is Introduced To A Pregnant Mother? 

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Pregnancy What Happens When Alkalized Water Is Introduced To A Pregnant Mother?As human beings our natural state is one of alkalinity. When a woman gets pregnant she starts giving up alkaline minerals to her fetus. In that process, toxicity becomes part of pregnancy.

Drinking alkalized water is one of the best preparations for pregnancy and one of the best elements for nutritional maintenance before and during gestation. When combined with recommended vitamins and a healthier diet before becoming pregnant, a woman’s biological system is likely to be at its healthiest for conception.

We know Baby is drawing all of its nutrition from Mother. God made sure that between the two this new life gets the alkaline mineral priority. The very nature of pregnancy makes it easy to understand why the mother can become acidic. As Baby is being fed through the umbilical cord, its cells are being formed and waste results. Pregnant Mom’s biological job is to contribute alkaline minerals into the placenta so the fluid stays free of toxins that are acidic. Reserves of alkaline minerals are critical to both mother and baby’s health and wellbeing. Waste becomes the by-product of the metabolic process between mother and baby. It is important that the embryonic fluid stays as clean and as alkaline as possible—like an insurance policy for baby’s health. If Mom’s reserves are insufficient, a challenge occurs with a struggle to maintain whatever alkaline minerals are being depleted. If these vital minerals can’t be found in the reserves, the body looks elsewhere throughout Mom’s body like bones and teeth.

Among all of the changes going on throughout the Mom’s body, keeping toxicity and acidity for two people under control at the same time may be the most challenging. Baby gets the alkaline minerals first over mother which gives an advantage to baby’s cellular development. Baby’s cells divide and grow best when the embryonic fluid is at an optimum level. If it is not that is when we hear of women’s teeth becoming weak or falling out from depletion of calcium or their bones getting brittle.

Tony Robbins, in his Edge of Alkaline seminar, illustrates acid this way; sugar = acid and acid = glue. Excess acid creates solid waste and thickens the blood. Bad blood circulation is an invitation to all kinds of acid related conditions and problems. At some level, these results stem from a polluted internal terrain. Drinking the best alkaline water available is one of the best defenses for both mother and baby.Alkalized water lays the ground work on this point. Like sports, the best defense is a strong offense.

Source: Dave Carpenter, N.D., Ac.C., Author, Change Your Water Change Your Life and Sang Whang, Author, Reverse Aging
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