Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pregnant women should drink Kangen Water (From Joe's Blog)

Pregnant women should drink Kangen Water™

An article authored by three professionals came to us, it’s about whether pregnant women should drink Kangen Water™, and whether this water is safe and healthy for both mother and baby.  I’ve summed up the three part article below:
Within the first week of pregnancy, mother’s body goes through several significant changes that affect her until she delivers, and often for the rest of her life.  Mother starts making the placenta, feeding the new baby, and providing all of the nutrients and minerals that baby will need to develop.
This draws heavily on mother’s body to supply the water for baby’s tissue, and calcium for bones and teeth.  As baby develops, his body begins to function on its own and, in the process, it consumes nutrients and makes waste.  Since mother’s blood vessels are not connected to baby’s blood vessels, baby’s waste is discharged into the placenta and mother has to supply neutralizing buffers in some form of alkaline pH.  If mother doesn’t have a sufficient supply of alkaline pH substances in her diet to supply this demand, the body makes the buffer from calcium, which is taken from mother’s bones and teeth.  All of this draw from mother’s body causes her to become acidic (acidosis), and it’s acidosis that causes morning sickness.
The key to a healthy mother and baby is to keep mother’s body alkalized.  If the pregnancy is planned, mother should begin a diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink Kangen Water™.  When mother becomes pregnant, she should drink a minimum of ½ fl oz of Kangen Water™ per pound of body weigh, more if possible.  It is very important that mother drink at least 16 fl oz of Kangen Water™ the first thing in the morning 1/2 hour before breakfast.  If she does this, she will probably not experience morning sickness.
Continuing this regimen through the pregnancy will address a number of issues: Plenty of fluid for baby to form with and in, plenty of fluid to flush wastes from mother’s body, plenty of alkaline pH to supply both mother and baby’s needs, to minimize mother’s calcium loss thus staving off osteoporosis, stronger cells in both mother and baby, and all of the other benefits of being healthy from drinking Kangen Water™.
If you know of anyone who is pregnant or who is planning a family, encourage both mom and dad to start drinking Kangen Water™ (kids too).  A healthy family makes for a better pregnancy.
(NOTE: Children old enough to eat solid foods are old enough to drink Kangen Water™

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