Kangen 0% Financing

 Kangen 0 % Financing
There are many health benefits in Kangen Water

The technology is cutting-edge. The benefits are unprecedented and now Kangen Water® is available to everyone.
Special  ZERO Interest For 12 Months.

You can own The Best Alkaline Water Machine “SD501″ you can buy Enagic Now!


                                                                     Zero Down!

Your monthly payment will be 1% of the loan plus finance charges.  0% Interest for 12 Months

Just Over $1 Per Day, Your Entire Family Can

Enjoy Kangen Water!

For more information about Kangen and Ionization.

Get 0% interest for 12 months and a rate as low as 9.99% interest after that, based on your credit score.  You receive a Visa credit card with the available credit limit to make your Enagic purchase. The credit limit will be based on your credit score.  It is suggested that you apply for $5,000 limit, your payment will be approximately $50.00 per month.  This amount will cover your purchase for the SD501, the sales tax and shipping, plus you will have additional credit.

APPLY BY PHONE call me at 386 437 7019
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Become a distributor and you will get your machine paid for. Make $300.00 a sale. Help your friends get one and pay for yours at the same time.

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