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Enagic® Kangen® Titanium Contamination Danger

Enagic® Kangen® Titanium Contamination Danger

Posted by Leo McDevitt on February 15, 2012 
Warning: Owners of Enagic® water ionizers take note: If you use your machine to make strong acid water, your Kangen® water may become contaminated with titanium.
According to Enagic’s® website, the plates in an Enagic Ionizer can be damaged or destroyed by making strong acid water:
ALWAYS allow the machine to clean itself after making strong acidic water to prevent this highly acidic substance from soaking on the plates. If this happens repeatedly without proper maintenance, the plates can eventually become damaged. (Source: Enagic® website)

Enagic® Ionizer Plates with Exposed Titanium

Enagic ionizer plates with titanium exposedThe Enagic® Kangen® machine uses an acid supplement to make strong Kangen® acid water. If the machine is not cleaned properly afterward, the plates will be stripped of their platinum coating, which can lead to titanium contamination.

Hypochlorous Acid Kangen® Water?

After being used to make strong acidic water, Enagic® machines must run a cleaning cycle. Owners must also run water through their machine to flush acid residues out. The chemical used to make strong acid water is called Sodium Hypochlorite. Enagic® it an “electrolysis enhancer” When electrolyzed, Sodium Hypochlorite breaks down to sodium and hypochlorous acid – commonly known as bleach! Hypochlorous acid bleach is a weak acid, but over time, it will eat away at the platinum coating and it will be stripped from the Enagic® machine’s plates.

How to avoid Kangen® Contamination

You must thoroughly flush an Enagic® ionizer after making strong acid water. Failure to completely flush the machine will leave hypochlorous acid residue. The best bet for Enagic® owners is to avoid making strong acid water entirely.
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